Rooted In Nutrition - Denver Nutritionist

Rooted In Nutrition is a nutrition consulting agency in Denver, Colorado. Christine Straley, certified Master Nutrition Therapist works with women who are struggling with addiction to sugar, caffeine and the substances or lifestyles choices that help them "make it through the day".  She has special focus in recovering alcoholics who have transferred their addiction to sugar, coffee, chocolate or other modern life addictions. The foundation of her nutrition practice is based on the Paleo, Primal and Ancestral eating. She focuses on clean eating, gut health, mood stabilization, energy balance, weight loss, stress management, and sleep hygiene. 

Welcome to Rooted In Nutrition!  My name is Christine and my programs are built for soulful, conscious women who are riding the roller coaster of exhaustion, cravings, take the edge off smoking/drinking, gotta live that perfect life, totally sick and tired of being sick and tired and who are over living life always thinking there must be more.  I will empower you through nutritional, emotional and lifestyle changes to 
find and start living the life YOU find worthy of living.  

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