Feeding your family Paleo/Primal

I was talking to my sister a couple weeks ago about the Eat Well Program.  She has a couple little ones running around the house and her biggest fear of fully committing to the Eat Well Program is "how do I get rid of grains when I have kids?".  So this lead me to do some kid friendly artilces and supportive handouts.  Check out Kids Sample Menu , School Lunches, Eat This, NOT That, Eat Well on a Budget, Dealing with a Picky Eater and Dinner in a Dash.  Let these tools help you transition your family into a healthier way of living with the Eat Well Program.  

Still not sure where to start?!

At the very least…

  • Increase your fat by putting grass-fed butter and/or coconut oil on and in everything - in your protein shake, in your smoothie, in coffee or tea, in sauces and soups, on veggies and meat, or just eat it!
  • Eat animal products – meat, fat, lard, eggs…
  • No grains or beans – Utilize the Eat This, NOT That sheet to make healthy Eat Well switches.