My week of food

I have been very good lately at doing my Paleo meal planning, every week.  This week I wanted to focus on low carb.  My breakfast every morning was either coffee or bone broth with 2 tbs of grass-fed butter, 1/4 cup of coconut milk, and 2 tbs MCT oil, blended with my hand blender.  I made extras of every dinner so my husband and I could have left overs for lunch.  Being this prepared made cooking a breeze this week. With the meals being low carb I felt really good!  I had good energy and slept amazing.  I carb loaded a bit on Saturday to replenish my stores.  My carb choice - potatoes in the form of fries!

Lunch - Left over chili from last weekend
Dinner - Sausage and Kale Soup

Lunch - Left over soup
Dinner -  Arugula salad with maple roasted squash and chicken thighs

Lunch - Left over salad
Dinner - Simple tomato soup with cauliflower rice in butter, coconut milk and slivered almonds.  This was amazing!  Thank you to my friend Alicia for introducing it and to 101 cookbooks for creating it.  For sure a new soup staple. 

Lunch - Left over soup
Dinner - Cuban Burgers with plantain chips

Lunch -  Left over burgers
Dinner - Roast with carrots, onions and potatoes