Eat Well Hiking and Camping

When doing strenuous hikes it is important to stay hydrated, give your body energy from fat, protein and some carbohydrates.  Quick releasing glucose found in fruits can be helpful in keeping your stamina up.  Healthy fat and protein will keep you focused and energized.  I have listed some Eat Well approved hiking and camping foods.  Enjoy!

Eat Well Hiking (no ice required)

Coconut Water
Salmon, Elk, Buffalo Jerky - free of preservatives, sugar and soy
Beef Jerky - free of preservatives, sugar and soy
Trail Mix - Variety of nuts, dried fruits, coconut flakes (no sugar added) and some dark chocolate.  Make your variety heavy on the nuts and coconut flakes and light on the chocolate and dried fruit
Steve's PaleoGoods
Momma Chia Fruit and Veggie Packs
Justin's Nut Butter with banana or apple
Artisana Nut Butter with banana or apple
Kolat Dark Chocolate Coconut Butter with banana or apple
Olli Salami
Canned BPA liner free salmon, sardines, tuna or other fatty fish.  Mix in avocado or eat out of the can.

Eat Well Hiking (with ice)

Bulletproof Exec Whey Protein with coconut milk and MCT oil

Boar's Head, Applegate or other hormone and antibiotic free meat rolled up with avocado, sprouts, peppers and cucumbers, option to add homemade mayo

Hard boiled eggs

Egg, Chicken or Tuna salad with homemade mayo veggies like red peppers, cucumbers, red onions, celery.  Eat with cucumber, carrot or celery.   
Olives, guac with veggies

Eat Well Camping (with a cooler)

When camping with a cooler you should be able to eat everything on the Eat Well Program.  I have some clients who even take a french press and make coffee with full fat coconut milk by the fire. A whey protein shake with coconut milk and MCT oil can be a great morning starter or eggs with bacon and grass-fed butter.  Steve's PaleoGoods has a great granola that is paleo that you could add to grass-fed full fat yogurt.  Pick up some hard grass-fed cheese (if tolerated), some Olli Salami or preservaite free chicken, turkey or pork sausages.  Take some sweet potatoes, corn on the cob wrapped in tin foil cooked on the hot colas. Cut up plantains and fry them up in some bacon grease or lard over the fire in a cast iron pan.   Take along some potato salad, super salad or antioxidant salad.  

Here is a sample of what my cooler looks like when I camp
Breakfast - Whey protein shake with coconut milk and MCT oil, french press coffee and maybe some bacon or sausage.  

Lunch - Turkey roll ups with Boars Head turkey, avocado, homemade mayo, cucumber, red pepper and carrots on the side.   Tuna, chicken or egg salad.

Dinner - Preservative and nitrate free sausage with potato salad and super salad.   Steak with corn on the cob and sweet potato with grass-fed butter.

Snacks - Trail mix with dried sugar free mango, sugar free coconut flakes, dark chocolate chunks, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and cashews.  Nut butter with apples.  Sunflower seeds.