Living the 80/20 Rule

The word diet is thrown around, a lot in the nutrition world.  I personally despise that word.  It implies that you have to have a restricted way of eating.  I rather think of the Eat Well Program as a lifestyle change.  You decide how healthy you desire to be, what foods to consume and how far you take it.  With that being said we no longer live in a world of only clean and fresh food.  Instead we are inundated with processed foods, fast foods and prepared foods that taste amazing.  So enters the 80/20 rule.  I believe if you eat 80% for health and 20% for your soul you will have a greater success at making your lifestyle change.  In the beginning you might need to indulge in your 20% daily or weekly, but as time goes on you will begin to realize the foods you put into your 20% are no longer needed all time.  Instead it might just be once in a while or when you are on vacation.  The caveat I must insert is that if you choose to eat the 20% for your soul make sure you upgrade that any way you can.  Instead of eating a Sara Lee boxed cake make an organic all natural one or go to a healthy eating establishment and indulge in it there.  Pick better ingredients, made fresh and nutrient dense if possible.   See the recipes page for some healthy dessert and treat ideas. 

Food should be enjoyable and if you lose the love of just eating then you are being to strict and to hard on yourself.  Treat yourself to your soul food and enjoy every bite!