Kids Back to School Food Special

Kids are back to school, which means healthy eating on the go.  Here are a few ideas to put in the lunch box that offers nutrient dense deliciousness.  

See the Kids Eat Well Sample Menu for a day to day snapshot.  Recipes for each dish can be found on the Recipes page.   

As you find your routine making breakfast, lunch and dinner as easy as possible is key to being successful.   


Eggs Many Ways or a Frittata made with pasture raised eggs, grass-fed cheese (if tolerated), coconut milk, spinach and bell peppers and ham, sausage or bacon.
Dairy Free Yogurt and Krunch granola
Smoothie of dark leafy greens, some veggies like broccoli or red peppers with coconut oil and raw, organic, grass-fed whole milk or kefir milk. 


Almond Tuna Salad
Roll Ups
Random Plate - Grass-fed salami, pasture-raised, raw, organic cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, veggie sticks and some guacamole.
Grass-fed all beef hotdog with a handful of nuts and some green apple slices and carrots.  


Avocado Chocolate Pudding
Dairy Free Yogurt with frozen berries 
Ice Cream