Eat Well for the Active Teen

Active Eat Well individuals have to be very conscious of their bodies needs.  It is important to provide the body with the energy and nutrients it needs to not only sustain activity, but also to recover from activity.  For cardiovascular/endurance sports like cross-country, track, basketball and swimming eating an easily digestible carbohydrate (see list below) before the workout is important to provide the muscles with energy for the endurance activity, an easily digestible carbohydrate should also be consumed after the workout to replenish the fuel that was used in the muscle.  For those who do weight lifting or sports that are versatile in their activity (heavy lifting, jumping, alternating between bursts of cardio and strength moves), like volleyball and football, will do better with some easily digestible carbohydrates before they workout to provide the muscle with energy and more protein after the workout for muscle recovery and building.

Misc. Workout Advice

Let the body guide you.  The pre and post workout carbohydrate load will need to be adjusted based on workout intensity levels.  The harder the workout, the more carbohydrates will be needed to replenish the glucose stores in the muscle.   If the glucose is not available then recovery will be poor and muscle is more than likely be burned for energy. 

Pre and post- workout  carbohydrates should be eaten whithin 20 minutes of the activity. 

Post workout protein should be eaten within an hour of activity.

Do not eat a meal 2-3 hours before activity. This allows for all food to be digested, shunting more blood to the muscles for activity.

Consume a balanced meal within 1-2 hours after activity. 

For tournaments, fruit can be a great source of energy in between matches.  On days of multiple events, try to avoid meals with lots of fiber, meat and dairy, as these take several hours to digest.

Pre/Post Workout Carbohydrate Options (within 20 minutes of activity)

Post Workout Protein Options (within 20 minutes to an hour of activity)

Tournament Meal Options

Non-dairy yogurt with non-grain granola
Freshly Squeezed Juice
Plantain Poppers
Roll Ups
Hard Boiled Egggs or Deviled Eggs
Nut Butter with Raw Hney and Apple or Banana Slices