Caveman Cafeteria at your door

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Will White the owner of Caveman Cafeteria – Where the Hunters Gather.  Wow, this guy has passion! I love that he has taken a small food cart and turned it into a nutrient-dense, mouth watering, Paleo inspired food delivery system.  The perfect solution for all my over-worked, dog tired, hate to cook, Paleo living individuals.  Will has made it his mission to change the way people eat food.  He choses only the best grass-finished, pasture-raised and often locally raised foods and makes them into a gourmet treat.  Sign up is easy and it can be delivered to your door or you can pick it up at one of the many drop-off locations.  Use the coupon code rootedinnutrition at checkout, to get $50 off your order.  I hope you enjoy!