CSA Sign Up!

It is time to start thinking about your yearly CSA.  I love the idea of a CSA for many reasons.  It supports local farmers, our local eco system, organic farming, seasonal food, brings you deliciously ripe food and reduces our overall footprint.  It is also very cost effective and super convenient.  For 26 weeks (give or take) you don't have to worry about shopping.  I personally love Grant Farms.  They have an All In Kitchen Share that includes everything you can think of - veggies, fruit, canned goods, eggs, meats, cheeses, mushrooms and micro greens.  Wow!  All that amazingness for about $125 a week.  As you most know, CSA's are limited to only a so many shares, so I highly encourage you to get to it, and sign up today!  See my Local Food page for a list of Colorado CSA's.