New Year, New You?

We often start the new year off with great ambitions and yet, a few weeks into the new year we are left feeling disappointed and discouraged.  I applaud your desire to make healthy changes in your life.  I myself set goals each new year, but what I realized is that you need to make attainable goals and include steps.  Here is my magic formula. 

1.  Define areas you would like to make better.  For me I start with personal goals, then relationships I may have (spouse, friends, family), career and other miscellaneous items.  For some it is easiest to define just one goal for the year and focus only on that. 

2.  Set 1-3 goals in each area.  Make these goals simple, easy, attainable.  Spell them out as simple as possible.  Your mind is literal.  Pretend your mind is like a 3 year old.  If you tell a 3 year old to find spiritual enlightenment they will stare at you in confusion.  Be direct, spell it out, make it simple.  Use positive words. Get rid of the words want, should, could or would.  Use words like choose, desire, I am, I have, I can.  They are more powerful. 

3.  Write down the steps that are needed to reach these goals.  Again make is simple, something you know you can and will do.  This is why it is important to maybe only make 1-2 goals per year.  Typically there are several steps that need to be taken in order to achieve just one goal.  Sometimes, one step can help you reach several goals, this is what I call being efficient! 

4. Now is the time to execute.  Put it in your calendar, set dates, schedule events, put it into action.  


  • 2014 Goals
    • Personal Goal: I choose to weigh 160 lbs (that would be a 20 lb weight loss)
      • Step 1:  I choose to move more
        • I will do yoga 2-4x a month
          • Find a yoga studio with a day and time that works best for my schedule and make it a standing appointment
        • I will walk the dog daily
          • Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8-8:30 am
            • Put in my calendar
          • Every Tuesday, Thursday from 6-6:30 pm
            • Put in my calendar 
          • Weekends walk with the family
        • I choose to play more 
          • I will play in a kickball league
            • Find a league
            • See if friends would like to join
            • Put it in my calendar
          • Get out of the gym and get outside
            • Hike
            • Ride my bike
            • Roller blade
      • Step 2: I choose to see a nutritionist
        • Research one in my area
        • Schedule appointment
        • Follow their guidelines 
      • Step 3:  I choose to be happy with my body image
        • Put mottos on my mirror in the bathroom and in my car
          •  I love myself. I choose to wear a size 8 jeans.  I am confident and strong and capable and beautiful.  I make healthy decisions.  

Once you write it down it's attainable.  You have the ability to change your life.  You are capable, you are strong, you are worth it.  You deserve to live a life worth loving and living. 

And Remember: 

A step in time saves nine!